FittiCoin counts your steps as you move, and rewards you with one FittiCoin for every 1,000 steps, where you can redeem the collected FittiCoins with awesome offers and deals from a reputable range of stores within the app, our integration with Foodics adds the ease of redeeming points for rewards directly from Foodics POS application.

For more information you can reach FittiCoin at:

Enabling The Integration

You need to have a FittiCoin account before you can enable the integration. If you don't have a FittiCoin account, please reach them to create an account for you

  1. Sign in to your Foodics account at using the owner email,If you logged in with non owner user, you will not be able to activate the integration
  2. Navigate to the Marketplace --> Search for FittiCoin under Loyalty category --> Click Install.
  3. It will open the FittiCoin login page.
  4. Enter your FittiCoin UserName and Password.
  5. Click Login.
  6. You will be asked to authorize FittiCoin to access your Foodics account data, click Authorize FittiCoin To Access My Account.
  7. You have successfully enabled the integrations.
  8. Now navigate back to Foodics Console.
  9. Click Menu on the left side bar.
  10. Choose Groups from the Menu options.
  11. Create a new group named FittiCoin.
  12. Click on the FittiCoin group.
  13. Click on Add Products.
  14. Add products that have been agreed upon with FittiCoin.

Using The Integration

The integration allows your customers to use their FittiCoins to redeem their rewards

The customer visits one of your branches and informs the cashier that he has FittiCoins reward and would like to redeem it.

The cashier user will do the following:

  1. Create new order.
  2. Ask for customer information (name or mobile).
  3. Click ADD CUSTOMER on the top of the left view and add the customer to the order.
  4. Click MORE on the top right --> Redeem Reward.
  5. If you have more than one loyalty integration, the cashier will ask you to select the integration. Select FittiCoin Loyalty. If you have only one loyalty integration, the cashier will directly ask you to enter the reward code.
  6. Ask the customer to give you the reward code.
  7. Enter the reward code and click Apply.
  8. If the reward is valid, the cashier app will show the reward details to the cashier user. If the reward is invalid, the cashier app will show error message.
  9. Assuming the reward is valid, the cashier user will confirm with the customer.
  10. Click Redeem to apply the reward.
  11. Now the reward is applied and the customer can enjoy his reward.