Iisal is a digital receipt service that provides your business with a facility to send digital receipts to the customers after completing a purchase in the form of an SMS that includes a short URL to preview the customer's receipt with an embedded QR code.

This integration will enable your customers to receive digital receipts on their mobile phones via SMS.

You can reach Iisal at:

Enabling The Integration

  1. Log in to your Foodics console at console.foodics.com/login using the owner email, If you logged in with non owner user, you will not be able to activate the integration
  2. Navigate to Marketplace page --> Search for Iisal under Digital Receipt category --> Click Install
  3. You will be directed to Iisal's portal, if you don’t have an account scroll down and fill your information in the Contact Us form below the video, Iisal team will reach out to you to finalize your registration. If you do have an account scroll down until you find the Login button click it then enter your credentials.
  4. After you login, Foodics will ask you to authorize Iisal to access your Foodics account, click Authorize Iisal To Access My Account to Proceed.
  5. After clicking Authorize you will be directed to Iisal's home page.
  6. You have successfully enabled the integration.

Using The Integration

In order for customers to receive digital receipts, the order must be paid and a customer must be assigned to the order.

Once the above conditions are met the customer will receive an SMS on their Foodics registered phone number containing a URL that directs them to the digital receipt.


  • Digital receipts will be sent upon sale and returns
  • Customers don’t have to be signed up with Iisal to receive digital receipts.