WiFi Smart Menu


WiFi Smart Menu is a digital menu solution that enables the business’s customers to communicate their dine-in and Pickup/drive-through orders directly to the POS System in a smart and intuitive way.

Using WiFi Smart Menu integration will enable you to:

  • Sync menu from Foodics to WiFi Smart Menu
  • Receive orders created from WiFi Smart Menu directly in your Foodics Cashier

You can reach Reach WiFi Smart Menu at:

Enabling the integration

  1. Log in to your Foodics console at console.foodics.com/login using the owner email, If you logged in with non owner user, you will not be able to activate the integration.

  2. Navigate to Marketplace page --> Search for WiFi Smart Menu under Online Ordering category–> Click Install.

  3. You will be directed to WiFi Smart Menu’s portal, enter your credentials then Login. If you don’t have an account, click the Sign Up button.

  4. From the left navigation menu click on configuration tab ,a drop down list will expand select cloud tab.

  5. On the cloud page you will find Applications ,Vouchers, SMS Gateways on the navigation menu click Applications tab.

  6. Add new Application By clicking on the + sign located top right this will allow you to create your captive portal and adjust your settings.

  7. You will be asked to Enter the name of your app, choose a type and select your business's POS system , enter the name you desire and choose Digital Menu as the type , then select Foodics as the POS system type then click next.

  8. You will be forwarded to the next step which is App Settings , Click on the Connect to foodics button, Foodics will ask you to Authorize WiFi Smart Menu to access your Foodics Account, click Authorize WiFi Smart Menu To Access My Account to Proceed.

  9. You will be redirected back to the cloud page on the app settings step and a Next button will appear, click it.

  10. You will be moved to the third step which is the design phase , choose your preferred design then make sure the Connect button is Enabled, once done click Next.

  11. The next step will be user signup where you have to choose what data the customer must enter to register and create orders when finished click Next.

  12. You will be taken to the 5th step to preview your app design, Where you are asked to choose the App theme, connect the locations with their on premise Access points, and map your Foodics branches, click Next to proceed to the final step.

  13. You will be Redirected to the last step, choose where this captive portal will show and in which access point click Submit when done.

  14. You have successfully enabled the integration.

Menu Sync

Menu updates are automated through the integration.

How to Receive WiFi Smart Menu Orders in Foodics Cashier

Hoopoe Orders will be received as explained in the Accept Online Orders Article.


Q1: WiFi Smart Menu is sending orders to my restaurant but I’m not receiving them in Foodics cashier application

A: Please check the below points

1- Sign in to your Foodics account at console.foodics.com/login, then go to Orders Page. This page will show you all API orders that are in Pending status

2- Is there any pending orders from WiFi Smart Menu?

If Yes:

Make sure you have implemented all needed steps to receive online order as explained in the Accept Online Orders Article.

In the cashier app, click HOME --> Sync Data

Ask WiFi Smart Menu to send new orders to test, orders should be received in the cashier

If No:

There is an issue at WiFi Smart Menu side in sending orders to your Foodics account. Please communicate with WiFi Smart Menu and inform them that there are no orders created from WiFi Smart Menu in your Foodics account.