Importing Modifier Option Ingredients using CSV

  1. Download the template CSV file from (this link) or from the console (Menu -> Modifiers -> Import/Export)
  2. Fill in the ingredients in the correct columns and rows using the below format.

CSV Template Details

Title Description Required? Sample Data
modifier reference The predefined modifier reference. You should create modifiers first from Menu > Modifiers. Yes m-001
modifier option sku The predefined modifier option’s SKU which will have items as ingredients. You should create modifier options first from Menu > Modifiers. Yes mo-001
inventory item sku The predefined item SKU which will be added as an ingredient of the modifier option. You should create items first from Inventory > Items. Yes i-001
quantity The amount of the “ingredient unit” that should be added to produce this option. Yes 500

Saving Import files as CSV / UFT-8 Format

In the program you're using (e.g. Microsoft Excel) Choose Save As, then select Save as CSV UTF-8 (.csv) file format.

> Important: You must insure the Character Set Encoding is UTF-8.

Import your CSV file to The Console in (Menu > Modifiers)