Inventory Items Overview

Inventory items represent the raw and/or produced items that are used and tracked in your business through inventory transactions. They are used as the ingredients that make up the products you sell.

You can purchase inventory items from suppliers directly, such as: fruits, sugar, vegetable oil, etc… or you can produce inventory items such as Pizza dough, cake mix, etc. from other ingredients.

Inventory Items have a name, SKU and Barcode (optional) as identifiers.

How to Add New Inventory Items

Open your Inventory Items page from The Console > Inventory > Items.

  1. Click on “Create Item”.
  2. Enter the item details as needed, you can generate an sku as well.
  3. Define the item's units of measurements. This will be used for inventory transactions and reports across the system.
  • Storage Unit: The way or name of how the unit will be stored (Ex: Box).

  • Ingredient Unit: The name of the ingredient unit in the box. (Ex: Piece)

  1. Define the item's Costing Method:
  • Fixed cost: The item will have a fixed cost per storage unit.

  • Otherwise, it will be calculated from “Transactions”.

  1. Save.

Notes: * Once the item is successfully created, you can click on Edit Item button to add more info about it such as the minimum allowed stock levels, the items' barcode, or inventory category, etc..

  • You can also delete the item from the same form.

How to Add Ingredients to Inventory Items

Once you saved the item details, you can add ingredients to this item if you want to produce it from other raw materials.

From the item's details page:

  1. Scroll down to the Ingredients section.
  2. Click on Add Ingredients.
  3. Select the other items that you need to produce this item.
  4. Save.

Once the ingredients have been added, a new button will show that says Edit Quantities. Click on this button to define a quantity for each ingredient to be used when producing the main item.

Note: Enter the amount of ingredients needed to produce 1 Storage Unit of the main item.

Do More with Inventory Items

With Inventory Items, you can assign tags, assign suppliers, specify custom levels for stock requirements as you need for each item.

How to Specify Recommended Levels for Inventory Items Per Branch

From the item's details page: 1. Scroll down and Click on Select Branches button in the Custom Level section. 2. Select a branch (or multiple branches using tags) and fill the minimum, maximum and par levels specific for this item. 3. Click Apply.

  • Minimum level: This is the minimum level allowed in the branch. Items below the minimum level should be replenished to avoid service disruption.

  • Par level: This is the automatic reordering level. It is a level between the maximum and minimum levels and is used to generate purchase orders.

  • Maximum level: This is the maximum level allowed in the branch. Items above the maximum level should be used or transferred to avoid waste or expiry.

How to Add Tags to Inventory Items

From the item's details page:

  1. Scroll down to Tags Section.
  2. Select Add Tags button and then choose the tags this item belongs to.
  3. Apply.

Tip: You can apply tags to multiple items at once from the items listing page, select the items using the checkboxes, and add the tags from the action menu.

How to Link Items to Suppliers

From the item's details page:

  1. Scroll down to Suppliers Section.
  2. Click on Link Suppliers in the Suppliers section.
  3. Select the supplier you buy this item from.
  4. Edit the order quantity and cost for this supplier.
  5. Save.