How to Create a Purchase Order

Once you have all your inventory items and suppliers information ready, you can start making a PO transaction.

  1. Click on Inventory from the sidebar.
  2. Open Purchase Orders page.
  3. Select the New Purchase Order button.
  4. Select the Supplier you want to buy from, then choose which branch or warehouse is requesting this PO in the Destination field.
  5. Choose the items to you want to request.

After creating the Purchase Order and when it’s still in draft status:

  1. Review the items quantities and cost and adjust according to your request. Click on any item you want to edit.
  2. Select the “Submit For Review” button and if you want to confirm the items and submit.
  3. Select “Approve Purchase Order or Reject” to proceed with the PO.

Note: You can also delete the PO by clicking on the Delete Permanently button.

Once the PO is submitted and approved, you can receive it and create a purchasing transaction for it.