How to Make Orders in the Cashier

In Foodics Cashier, an Order represents a single sale or refund operation.

We will go through the process of order taking and management from the cashier application.

How to add products to an Order

To add a product to an order make sure that you have an open till then:

  1. Tap on the product you want to add.
  2. Tap on the added product in the order to select modifiers/quantities if required.
  3. Tap on More button " + " from the top options bar to increase the quantity or " - " to reduce the quantity.
  4. Tap on Done.


  • If the product has an open price, you will be prompted to enter the price before adding the product to the order.

  • When a product has a required modifier the product's details page will be opened automatically when tapping the product from the products menu.

Tip: You can also add products by search. Tap on the search bar in the register screen and type the product's name or barcode number.

How to delete (void) products or an Order

To delete a product from an order that is still open (active),

  1. Tap on one of the products listed in the order.
  2. Tap the Void button.
  3. Choose a reason for this void transaction.


  • You can void a single product from the order by tapping on the product in the order, then choose void from the product's edit screen.

  • You can't void the last product in an order, instead you have to void the order itself from the Main Register Screen > Void button in the top bar.

Tip: You can add void & return reasons from the Console > Manage > More > Reasons.

How to add notes to an order or product

To add a product note: From the product page in the order, tap on Notes button in the top right and save your note there.

To Add Order Notes

Tap on Notes button at the top options bar of the register page and choose your note type:

  • Kitchen notes: will be printed on the kitchen receipt.

  • Receipt notes: will be printed on customer receipt.

Sending an Order To The Kitchen (KDS)

To send an order to the Kitchen for preparation, click the Kitchen button at the top options bar of the register screen.

Note: Categories/Products must be activated in at least one of the kitchen devices.

Tip: You can send an order automatically to the kitchen after full payment, by enabling the option from the device settings in the console.

Hold & Fire Products

To hold & fire a product you have to make sure that the product is activated on the kitchen device, then:

  1. Tap on the product needed after adding it to the order.
  2. From the top options bar tap on Hold button, this will hold this product from being sent to the kitchen with other products.
  3. To Fire the product, from the product details page the Fire button will replace the Hold button, tap on the Fire button then press the kitchen button to send the product to the Kitchen.

Tip: You can open a new order while you have another active order by tapping on the "New" button at the bottom of the register page.

Accepting Online Orders

Online orders such as Call Center or API orders, are received in the cashier, they will be received with status: pending

The Orders button will have a red counter on it indicating the number of new pending online orders

  1. Tap on Orders button on the bottom options bar.
  2. Tap on the Pending filter.
  3. Tap on the order you want to view, the order products will appear on the left side
  4. Tap on MORE button at the top right corner to quickly Accept/Decline the order. Or, click on the BACK button to view more order details like Customer and payment, then choose whether to Accept/Decline the order by clicking ACCEPT or DECLINE.

Note: For the cashier to be able to receive online orders, you have to ensure the following

1. The branch is configured to receive online orders

From the Console > Manage > Branches > Choose your branch > Edit Branch > Enable Receive call center and api orders at the bottom.

2. The cashier is configured to receive online orders

From the Console > Manage > Devices > Choose your Cashier > Edit Device > Enable Receive Online Orders.

And make sure to sync data in the cashier device.

How to Close the Order (Payment)

Once the order is ready to be paid:

  1. Tap on TOTAL at the bottom of the order section, you will be directed to the payments page.
  2. Select a payment method.
  3. Choose a predefined amount or enter a custom amount as needed.
  4. When the remaining shows 0, tap on the Pay button to close the order.

Tip: You can repeat steps 2 and 3 for different payment methods in the same order if the order. requires multiple payments.

How to Return an Order

You can return orders in the Cashier that have been paid fully or partially.

  1. Open Orders Page from the bottom section then Select the order you want to return from the Orders list.
  2. Tap on More button at the top right.
  3. Tap on Return Order from the dropdown list.
  4. Select the products that need to be returned by tapping the **+** sign next to the product's name. (Mark them as Waste if needed).
  5. Tap on Done.
  6. Select the reason for returning this order.

Note: You can not return an order if it has exceeded the return period. You can set the maximum allowed return period from Manage > Settings > Cashier tab.

Using Gift Cards To Pay for Orders

Once the order is ready to be paid:

  1. Tap on TOTAL.
  2. Tap on Gift Card from the payment methods listed.
  3. Enter the amount.
  4. Tap on Pay.
  5. Enter the gift card code, If the entered gift card has enough balance payment will be processed successfully.