Purchase Orders

Purchase orders report allows you to view all the inventory purchase orders and their details.

How To Generate a Purchase Orders Report

  1. Click on “Reports”
  2. Click on “More”.
  3. Click on “Purchase Order”.

How To Get The Most Out of The Purchase Orders Report

  • Click on the date to select the date of the report.
  • You can select the type of data showing on a report by using a filter. Select the needed criteria by clicking on the “Filter” button, then click “Apply”.
  • You can export the report by clicking on the “Export” button.

For instance, in order to know all the purchase orders sent to the supplier "Abdurahman" in a given branch: filter by both branch and the supplier "Abdurahman".

How To Understand The Purchase Orders Report

  • Name: Inventory Item Name.
  • SKU: Inventory Item SKU.
  • Barcode: Item Barcode Number.
  • Storage Unit: Item Storage Unit.
  • Branch: Branch that requested the PO.
  • Reference: Reference of the PO.
  • Supplier: Name of the Supplier.
  • Supplier Item Code: Item’s code used by the supplier.
  • Quantity: The Requested Quantity.
  • Cost: Cost of the Requested Quantity.
  • Cost Per Unit: Cost Per One Storage Unit.
  • Approved By: The User Who Approved The PO.
  • Approved At: Time and date in which the purchase order was approved.