Qoyod is a cloud computing system that does not need to be installed onto any device, it only needs an internet-connected device.

It is seamless, easy to use, and it is designed specifically for small and medium business owners to manage their own financial accounts independently. It also provides many services including customer and supplier management, easy and quick billing for their customers, releasing professional quotes, purchase orders, and inventory management.

Qoyod integration with Foodics will allow you to sync the following from Foodics to Qoyod:

  • Menu as untracked item
  • Orders and Returns
  • Locations (Branches)
  • Customers
  • Payments
  • Items
  • Purchases and Returns to Supplier

The integration doesn't support the Inventory processes such as:

  • Transfer sending
  • Quantity adjustment
  • Production
  • Consumption from production
  • Consumption from order
  • Waste from order

For more details on the Qoyod:

For support:


This integration is built by Qoyod. If you have any issues with the integration or would like to request new features, kindly contact Qoyod team

Enabling The Integration

You need to have an account in Qoyod first

if you don't already have an account, please reach Qoyod to create an account for you

If you already have an account, please follow the below steps to enable the integration

  1. Log in to your Foodics console at console.foodics.com/login using the owner email,If you logged in with non owner user, you will not be able to activate the integration
  2. Navigate to Marketplace page --> Search for Qoyod under Accounting category --> Click Install
  3. Login to your Qoyod account --> Navigate to Settings --> Integrations
  4. Under Foodics, click subscribe
  5. Foodics will ask for your permission. Click Authorize Qoyod to proceed OR Click Cancel if you want to cancel the process
  6. After clicking Authorize, you will be taken to Qoyod to configure the integration
  7. Select a purchase account for any new product created by the integration, then click Save
  8. Sync Foodics locations (branches) with Qoyod locations
  9. Now the integration is activated and the sync will start


  • Activation of the bills is optional
  • Every 30 minutes, the orders, items, PO, purchases created in Foodics will be synced to Qoyod.
  • The integration will start to reflect the data from Foodics to Qoyod from the previous business day