MBSHR is a QR ordering system for restaurants and cafes. MBSHR provides a very special customer experience for restaurant and cafe customers with a highly customized e-menu that matches the visual identity of the place. All orders are done with ZERO commission.

This integration will cover:

  • Dine in orders.
  • Pick up orders.

You can connect to MBSHR at:

Important Note About The Integration

The current state of the integration requires the user to have multiple accounts at MBSHR to connect several branches as each branch can be linked to a single account.

Enabling The Integration

  1. Log in to your Foodics console at console.foodics.com/login using the owner email, If you logged in with non owner user, you will not be able to activate the integration
  2. Navigate to Marketplace page --> Search for MBSHR under Online Ordering category --> Click Install
  3. You will be directed to MBSHR's portal, enter your credentials then Login. If you don't have an account, contact MBSHR to signup.
  4. On the left side options bar, look for ADDONS --> Foodics POS then click Get Access.
  5. You will be asked to Authorize MBSHR to access your Foodics Account, click Authorize MBSHR To Access My Account to Proceed.
  6. You will be directed back to the integration settings page at MBSHR, enter your Foodics Account Number to verify & mark yes on both Enable Foodics Integration and Send Orders automatically to POS then select the branch you want to connect MBSHR to and click Connect.
  7. You have successfully enabled the integration.

Menu Sync

  • To sync categories from Foodics to MBSHR navigate to Categories on the left options bar at MBSHR's portal then click Import From Foodics.
  • To sync products & modifier options from Foodics to MBSHR navigate to Items on the left options bar at MBSHR's portal then click Import From Foodics a popup with all products available at Foodics will show fill in missing information if any then click Import/Update all or click the Import button next to each product to import them one by one.

For future changes on the menu, the changes made on Foodics will reflect automatically on your MBSHR menu.

How to Receive MBSHR Orders in Foodics Cashier

MBSHR Orders will be received as explained in the Accept Online Orders Article.


Q1: MBSHR is sending orders to my restaurant but I'm not receiving them in Foodics cashier application

A: Please check the below points

1- Sign in to your Foodics account at console.foodics.com/login, then go to Orders Page. This page will show you all API orders that are in Pending status

2- Is there any pending orders from MBSHR?

If Yes:

  • Make sure you have implemented all needed steps to receive online order as explained in the Accept Online Orders Article
  • In the cashier app, click HOME --> Sync Data
  • Ask Swift Order to send new orders to test, orders should be received in the cashier

If No:

  • There is an issue at MBSHR side in sending orders to your Foodics account. Please communicate with MBSHR and inform them that there are no orders created from MBSHR in your Foodics account.