serVme, is an all-in-one restaurant reservation, waitlist, and walk-in management with a guest management/CRM platform to increase guest returns and spending through direct integrations such as with the point of Sale, telephone, online advance payments to guarantee the booking, and free online reservations from a controlled widget and popular channels (Trip Advisor, Google, and others).

This integration will allow you to, generate precise insights about your operations and guest wants and needs to help you increase revenues every step of the way. Foodics serVme integration will allow you to:

  • Send guest reservations details from serVme to foodics.
  • Get real-time guest check status updates like check open, change table,..etc
  • Get the guest transactional information and store it under the guest profile for providing personalized service in the future.

You can reach serVme at:

Business Configuration in Foodics

  1. Select the branches in which reservation should be active.
  2. Set reservation duration to 30 minutes.
  3. Set reservation time to 24 hours on all days, customizations to be made on serVme.

Enabling The Integration

  1. Log in to your Foodics console at using the owner email, If you logged in with non owner user, you will not be able to activate the integration.

  2. Navigate to Marketplace page --> Search for serVme under Other category --> Click Install

  3. serVme Integration page will open, enter your serVme account credentials to login, if you don’t have an account Contact serVme to obtain create your account.

  4. Click the Authorize button, Foodics will ask you to Authorize serVme to access your Foodics Account, click Authorize serVme To Access My Account to Proceed.

  5. You will be directed back to serVme map your Foodics branches to serVme's outlets then click Save

  6. You have successfully enabled the integration.

Using The Integration

The serVme/Foodics integration is aimed at facilitating the data flow between the two systems and allowing the reservation to flow more smoothly. This integration provides the below key functionality:

1- Auto reservation creation at POS

Upon making a reservation arrived on serVme, the same reservation will be created automatically in Foodics. Now the staff can accept the reservation from POS and then convert it as an order or reject the reservation from POS. Once a reservation is converted into an order, serVme will get real-time updates about the check.

  • 1.1 Table transfer:

Business staff will be able to move a guest from one table to another from Foodics POS and in those instances, serVme will receive real-time updates from Foodics and the updated table number for the reservation will be reflected real-time in the serVme system.

  • 1.2 Split check:

In case of a split check, serVme daily report and bill will only show one record and the total guest spend will match the total of the individual split guest checks.

  • 1.3 Multiple Payment:

Guests on the same table can pay using multiple payment methods like cash and credit card for the same guest check. serVme will capture these actions and display all the payment methods in the serVme daily report.

  • 1.4 Invoice details:

Upon check close, Foodics POS will automatically send the invoice details to serVme. This will include all the items the guest has consumed, guest cover, discount (If any), and the total amount paid by the guest. serVme will immediately post the invoice details under the reservation history of the guest for future use. Also, the serVme daily report will be generated in real-time.

2- Auto left:

When the waiter is closing the guest check at Foodics POS with full payment, serVme will automatically mark the reservation status as left and the reservation will move to the finished tab in serVme. A guest bill and a daily report will be also generated.